Welcome to Gaggle Girls where you make friends that last a lifetime

Welcome to Gaggle Girls where you make friends that last a lifetime



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EMOJI's don't measure up to a HUMAN HUG

Digital relationships are not the same as sitting down with another person who is really taking the time to listen to your troubles, or share your joy with. 

Join Gaggle Girls and make those local connections, where you are able to reach out to girls you know, that can meet you for a cup of coffee close-by,  to talk to, and laugh with.  

Come and meet new people, make friends - female friends who get you, girls just like yourself. 

We are birds of a feather who stick together!  

There are now over 150 of us and growing daily, and we love to meet and make new friends.


Come join Gaggle Girls local, social club for a fun night out, or an organized walk, or a high tea girly splurge!
We do loads of organized things as a group, as well as arrange impromptu gatherings with both large and small groups. 

Make friends in your area.  Come and meet new people that will enrich your life!
Don't be alone and isolated. Join us! 

You'll be so much happier!  
So many Gaggle Girls tell us their lives are so much better for joining! Don't let fear hold you back - our girls are warm and friendly, and our motto is "the more the merrier".  


Absolutely nothing!  Yep, not a cent.  

This group was born out of a personal need, and became a passion project by the founder Christina Erdey.

It about cultivating heartfelt human connections, and relationships locally.  

We all want more HAPPY in our lives! We NEED it!

Come and meet the wonderful women in our group, and you'll never be the same!  

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Share your isolation story with me or ask a question:

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Better yet, COME and MEET us in person!

Our Gaggle Girls social club attracts women who want to have authentic, real friendships with local girl friends - so come and JOIN our Gaggle Girl group if you want to make nice, fun female friends!  Meet new people and you will make friends that you actually get to spend time with.  Your life will be so much richer for it!  

Email: Christina@GaggleGirls.com