Welcome to Gaggle Girls where you make friends that last a lifetime

About Gaggle Girls Founder (GG social club)

Hello, my name is christina erdey, AKA MOTHER GOOSE


The initial INSPIRATION to start GAGGLE GIRLS was founded on personal need,

but 10 months later it has now become, SO much greater.

It has been a very humbling and worthwhile passion project.   The reward of my labor is having such a positive and real impact on so many lives.

Having moved back to San Diego after 13 years of living away, I found that my old friends were no longer in the area.

Being an extroverted Italian girl who loves to socialize, I was quite lonely and feeling extremely isolated.  It was quite depressing actually.  I even started feeling like a hermit at one point and was losing the art of socializing myself, finding it easier to stay inside.  I didn't like that I was beginning to feel this way - it was completely out of character for me.


A Decision to Do Something About it


My husband went to work, and I worked from home alone, and I began to think ...I can't be the only one feeling this way, and so I decided to DO SOMETHING about it.

I put up signs all over the place, introduced myself to any woman I'd meet in the neighborhood who were walking their dogs, shopping, drinking coffee at Starbucks, walking by, you name it!  I think I scared some people from time to time with my weirdness of approaching strangers!

I began various sites online and arranged local meetings and put up signs to announce upcoming meetings, calling for other ladies to join me. 

And so Gaggle Girls came to be born.  

I spent many nights until 12am creating posts and i still do, and fighting with Facebook software, and other technology, to help reach the local women I wanted to inform.. and slowly but surely, Gaggle Girls began to take shape and then BLOOM!

So What is Gaggle Girls About?


Gaggle Girls, a local social group for women where we meet, connect, and engage in conversation to make friends.  Friends we can enjoy many fun activities with, in a positive, supportive network of girls.

In just 10 months, Gaggle Girls has attracted about 240 like minded local women looking for the same things, and we continue to grow daily.

Many people who live in San Diego are not originally from here, Another issue is most people are primarily communicating through social media channels - via Facebook, Text messages, Instagram, etc. 

No-one calls or pops in to visit in person these days.   Even phone calls are rare, with people using messaging, more than voice to communicate, but we are losing something along the way.

Society is losing the in-person connection, that is so important to maintaining a personal and meaningful relationship.  Social should not consist of primarily communicating through electronic devices.     

“Non digital” socializing, is necessary,
to cultivate authentic friendships.”

I am trying to guide and encourage the creation of a positive, nurturing environment,

that is all-inclusive, and supportive,”  

"Women supporting women."   Including taking the time to know our neighbors again. Old school style.

Gaggle Girls is varied in its members, and is comprised of single women, married women with children, and married woman without children.  

It is also culturally diverse, and that's what makes it different and beautiful! 

We are like the united nations in our group, and it is a lovely picture!

The age groups are also quite varied ranging from 35 to up to 81, with the median age being between 45 - 57. 


The Spirit of Gaggle Girls


Gaggle Girls is a bridge for women to build

authentic, caring, fun relationships. 

As women, we are very hard on ourselves, and allow that annoying 

negative voice in our head to drive up our anxieties and fears; 

whispering to us, that we don’t measure up in so many ways.  

We need to create positive relationships with others to encourage 

& remind each other, that We Are Worthy of a good & happy life.

Come and be part of this beautiful, non judgemental, 

caring Sisterhood.