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Gaggle Girls founder Christina Erdey, Jeff Zevely (CBS Zevely Zone, Channel 8), and Prabha Mistry


GAGGLE GIRLS FOUNDER, INTERVIEW to air tuesday night (3/12/19) on CBS channel 8 - JEFF ZEVELY ZONE

What a fun night we all had at our ladies social at Yanni's Restaurant with 24 Gaggle Girls, and 1 Gaggle Boy (Jeff really wanted that inclusion, I could tell!)

Jeff Zevely from CBS interviewed me to get the when, how and why I decided to start Gaggle Girls.

Boy did that chair feel like the hot seat last Wednesday night. My face was  flushed, I felt like I was having a major menopause flash between nerves  and the 2 heaters close by, the hot lighting, and then...the worst was  when Jeff said "you can put down your talking point cards"....

That's  when I really  felt the blood drain from my face, because I hadn't  memorized anything.🤣😄

He assured me, "you'll be fine".  "No, I don't think so", I insisted.  

Even in all my years of corporate training  with groups of executives and their support staff, you ALWAYS have at a  minimum, an outline of the presentation points you intend to make,  providing a nice clear path towards the over arching message you want to  make...

So... down went the keynote cards, and so I have NO memory of what was said ladies.😀

 Please keep that in mind when you watch the segment the Tuesday night.   And I have no idea of what parts he will use and won't.  No preview  beforehand.  

I just hope it resonates with the ones sitting at home feeling alone, and brings them into Gaggle Girls wings.

It was a REALLY fun night for everyone! 😀

 If you want to watch it, or tell your family to watch it , especially  if you were there last night,  here are the times Jeff Zevely (from the  Zevely Zone CBS channel 8) gave me today that it will be airing:

TUESDAY, March 12th at 5:40pm on CBS (8)

AND AGAIN at 10:40pm on CW San Diego  (another CBS channel 6/1212 Spectrum/

Cox 6 & 1006/DirectTV Channel 9) AT&T 6 & 1006