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Gaggle Girls founder Christina Erdey, Jeff Zevely (CBS Zevely Zone, Channel 8), and Prabha Mistry


GAGGLE GIRLS FOUNDER, INTERVIEW to air tuesday night (3/12/19) on CBS channel 8 - JEFF ZEVELY ZONE

What a fun night we all had at our ladies social at Yanni's Restaurant with 24 Gaggle Girls, and 1 Gaggle Boy (Jeff really wanted that inclusion, I could tell!)

Jeff Zevely from CBS interviewed me to get the when, how and why I decided to start Gaggle Girls.

Boy did that chair feel like the hot seat last Wednesday night. My face was  flushed, I felt like I was having a major menopause flash between nerves  and the 2 heaters close by, the hot lighting, and then...the worst was  when Jeff said "you can put down your talking point cards"....

That's  when I really  felt the blood drain from my face, because I hadn't  memorized anything.🤣😄

He assured me, "you'll be fine".  "No, I don't think so", I insisted.  

Even in all my years of corporate training  with groups of executives and their support staff, you ALWAYS have at a  minimum, an outline of the presentation points you intend to make,  providing a nice clear path towards the over arching message you want to  make...

So... down went the keynote cards, and so I have NO memory of what was said ladies.😀

 Please keep that in mind when you watch the segment the Tuesday night.   And I have no idea of what parts he will use and won't.  No preview  beforehand.  

I just hope it resonates with the ones sitting at home feeling alone, and brings them into Gaggle Girls wings.

It was a REALLY fun night for everyone! 😀

 If you want to watch it, or tell your family to watch it , especially  if you were there last night,  here are the times Jeff Zevely (from the  Zevely Zone CBS channel 8) gave me today that it will be airing:

TUESDAY, March 12th at 5:40pm on CBS (8)

AND AGAIN at 10:40pm on CW San Diego  (another CBS channel 6/1212 Spectrum/

Cox 6 & 1006/DirectTV Channel 9) AT&T 6 & 1006


JULY 27th 2019 - A beautiful MILESTONE is arriving - My 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of founding GAGGLE GIRLS

I am so overjoyed to have grown this group to over 320 wonderful woman, who not only enrich my life, but also contribute to enriching the lives of all the ladies they have been able to meet and befriend because of the organization I started and continue to develop.

My 12am late nights, and hours of work over the course of 14 months (12 since the first meetings), have been so worthwhile to see this passion project blossom into what it has.

I am so excited about expanding it even further, and I know it is going to be such a treasure in lonely woman's lives to have a platform to meet other ladies just like themselves.

Thank you for entrusting me to lead and develop this passion project of mine, and thank you for your authentic friendship.