I spotted Christina’s flyer at my local Starbucks a couple of times before deciding to  attend one of the local Saturday coffee mornings.  

I enjoyed chatting with the ladies and it led me to attend a couple of the dinner and coffee events. 

Meeting new friends in the local neighborhood is great, because it is easier to fit into my schedule.

I like the freedom of attending events when my schedule permits,

and that there is no commitment required.

Christina is very warm, friendly and clear about the purpose of the group.


I think the ground rules in place are very sensible and protect each attendee.

michelle c. (San MARCOS)


Last year I saw Christina interviewed on the news regarding the creation  of Gaggle Girls, this interview left me with such an impression of a heartwarming group, a group I could really use at the time. 

I had recently moved to San Diego from Texas and didn't know anyone and really didn't have a way a meeting other women. 

 It took me several months to work up the courage to finally reach out and attend one of the Saturday walks, and I am so glad I did.  

Christina is so friendly and welcoming and truly relates to how hard it is to meet other women these days, the group of ladies are always welcoming to all new comers.  I have attended several walks, monthly dinner and Saturday coffee and each outing is a different group of women with lots of fun chatter and camaraderie.

 I look forward to the walks, dinners and coffees to come in the new year!

Gaggle Girls Testimonials Continued



It was just one of those impulses;    

especially strange since I am busy, have lots of activities  and don’t tend to join clubs. 

But something on the flyer in Starbucks caught my eye and my gut said, “Go”.

 And I am so glad that I did!  

Not without trepidation, I took myself to the next Gaggle Girls get-together at Starbucks. 

What I found was a warm and welcoming haven of women who genuinely care about connection, friendship and community-  with no ulterior motives. Rare in today’s world. 

I was a bit nervous as well to meet Christina Erdey. 

Someone who could pull this off must be an intimidating powerhouse, right? 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

 If we could bottle her gift for warmth, and her ability to make each member feel valuable, 

the world would be a much much better place!   

Her innate social and emotional skills have imbued Gaggle Girls with laughter, camaraderie, 

easy conversation, and an eagerness to continue the conversation. 

I have been to three meetings so far, and was genuinely sorry to have missed the most recent.  

Thank you, Christina,  for having the vision, the ability,and the energy 

to create this wonderful gathering  of friends,  and friends-to-be .



I didn’t know what to expect, but was hopeful. Christina said “no cliques allowed.”

 To me, that means everyone would at least be friendly with each other. 

With hundreds of women all in similar situations, I was bound to bond with someone. 

Gaggle Girls offers exercise, social connections, and food! 

Give it a chance. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. 

JANA O (Rancho Penasquitos)

I looked at the meet up group site for San Diego that has hundreds of different groups, 

but none of the womens’ groups, looked like a good fit. 

I moved to San Diego from the Midwest several years ago. 

As a busy working mother, it was not a priority to spend time on friendships. 

Some friends I did make moved away,  or we just drifted apart. 

With my kids grown up now it is a new chapter in my life to focus on friendships,

 and things I would like to do.

I looked at the meet up group site for San Diego that has hundreds of different groups, but none of the womens’ groups looked like a good fit. 

I came across Gaggle Girls googling for womens groups - and it seemed just right. 

Christina created a very thoughtful Facebook page that was very inviting. 

She put a lot of energy into making the viewer seem comfortable -  and welcome. 

The events include dinner, coffee, and walking.   

All typical things I do with friends.

I went to an event and immediately felt welcome ,

and had a lot of things in common with the women there. 

I plan to continue with Gaggle Girls,  and look forward to many new friendships.